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    In today's complex global business environment, a multi-disciplinary legal team is critical to the business client. Modern business transactions contain complex tax, real estate, regulatory and litigation considerations. The firm assists business owners and professionals with a variety of business planning needs including the formation, acquisition, operation and disposition of their business. In our transactional business practice, we represent our clients through the entire business lifecycle, while taking into account potential tax and litigation exposure. We handle matters including:

    Business Start up. Tax and liability protection are perhaps the most fundamental considerations for choice of business entity. We stand ready to lead the client through the maze of available business structures to select the appropriate business entity. Once selected, we assist the client through the formation process, including filings with state agencies, tax registrations and elections, and drafting of bylaws, operating agreements, and buy/sell agreements.

    Business Operations. For our clients with an operating business, we offer broad based general representation for the owner during the business life cycle. We routinely counsel our business clients on tax matters, employment matters, real estate matters, commercial transactions, contract negotiation and dispute, and general litigation.

    Compensation Arrangements. With tax and litigation considerations in mind, we offer broad representation regarding compensation and employment arrangements, including drafting employment agreements, severance agreements, non-competition agreements, equity based incentive plans (including stock option plans, phantom stock plans, restricted stock plans) and other nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements.

    Transactional Planning. Our attorneys are experienced in handling complex business transactions including mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Again, our multidisciplinary approach assures that the client is well-represented in the transaction beyond just contract negotiation. In addition to tax considerations, our team focuses on reviewing the transaction for value enhancement and mitigation of risk.

    Business Succession Planning. The firm also assists business owners and professionals in business succession planning by advising our clients on the various exit strategies available to the business owner as well as the legal and tax ramifications of such strategies. We focus the client beyond the normal considerations of transfer into important, but often overlooked, areas such as management succession and retention of key employees. The client's estate planning and estate tax planning objectives are also considered and integrated into the business succession plan.

    Attorneys for this Practice Area:
    Keith C. Troxell
    Jaime D. Morehouse