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  • Local Counsel

  • Our firm routinely teams with major regional and national law firms as local counsel. Additionally, whenever separate litigation counsel is necessary or advisable, whether for an officer, director, employee, or for a related business entitity, we can fill the gap. In short, we provide a local, well regarded presence a short walk from the Loudoun Circuit Court and the Loudoun County Government Center.

    Illustrative Representations and Transactions:

    • Served as local counsel for major Atlanta law firm representing a flooring subcontractor in litigation and favorable mediation of a multi-million dollar claim arising out of a defective flooring system in 1.5 million square foot office complex.
    • Served as local counsel for a major Baltimore firm in claim involving collapse of executive jet hangars at Dulles International Airport.
    • Served as local counsel for a major national law firm in wrongful death claim in a private airplane accident.
    • Served as independent litigation counsel for officer of a major internet company in claim for trade secret misappropriation and breach of fiduciary duty.

    Attorneys for this Practice Area:
    Keith C. Troxell
    Benjamin D. Leigh