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  • Do Grandparents Have Rights in a Divorce?

    Virginia law doesn’t specifically address the rights of grandparents in divorce cases. Nevertheless, grandparents in Virginia can be granted custody or visitation in some instances. For example, a grandparent might be awarded custody rights because of a parent’s death, illness, or incarceration. In short, grandparents cannot expect custody rights per se but can petition the court for custody [...]

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    What Needs to Be Decided in a Divorce?

    When we represent a client going through a divorce, we often hear the following questions: How can I avoid a prolonged and painful process? How can I protect my children and make sure their well-being comes first? How can I protect my financial interests while pursuing fairness? Divorce can be a difficult, emotionally charged process, even when spouses agree about significant issues.[...]

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    Partition Actions in Virginia - What Are The Types of Legal Partition?

    If you and your siblings inherit family property but can’t agree on the property’s management or sale, partition is the legal process to secure a resolution. Partition can also be a solution when unmarried property owners no longer want to stay together but are unable to manage jointly owned property. What Does Partition Include? In partition cases, there are three very broad routes for [...]

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