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  • Partition Actions in Virginia - What Are The Types of Legal Partition?

    If you and your siblings inherit family property but can’t agree on the property’s management or sale, partition is the legal process to secure a resolution. Partition can also be a solution when unmarried property owners no longer want to stay together but are unable to manage jointly owned property. What Does Partition Include? In partition cases, there are three very broad routes for [...]

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    What Do I Need to Open a Brewery or Winery on My Property?

    Loudoun County’s booming winery and brewery scene is famous around the DC region. Our craft beverage producers win national awards as scenic views, and tasty libations bring in tourists and boost economic development. Getting into the craft beverage scene is tempting for longtime landowners. It also appeals to folks buying land to achieve business dreams in a pastoral setting. However, getting [...]

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    How Do I File for Divorce in Virginia?

    Virginia’s no-fault divorce laws have made it easier for spouses to go their separate ways. But even uncontested divorces can be challenging. Unless you’ve got nothing to lose, it makes sense to work with a lawyer, even if that raises the price tag for your divorce. Low-cost DIY divorce may sound appealing. However, it is much less costly in the long run to have a lawyer do it right the first [...]

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